Backstage Tee Shirts
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Who We Are

Mundell Music are Live Music Promoters who have launched their own collection of Backstage Tee Shirts. After so many years of people asking us to do a comprehensive range of Tee Shirts, Sweatshirts and other Merchandise, this is it!

Please have a look and remember if you order a Tee Shirt then you are helping to keep Live Music in Scotland a reality! Remember ‘It’s Only Rock & Roll But It’s Expensive’. Thank You for supporting live music.

How We started?

After having been promoting Live Music for over 22 years in Scotland we thought it was about time for us to have our own Collection of Rock & Roll Merchandise! Our clothing range is perfect for going to that special gig, lounging around the house, doing the gardening or creating your own after party!

Remember Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay.